Risk Management Support

While accidents may happen, they don’t have to be all-consuming to your business. Without proper management, workers’ compensation claims can spiral out of control, affecting your premiums, and, potentially, your ability to obtain insurance. Often, these risks can be controlled by aggressive claims handling and strategy.

Capita understands the processes and the methods that factor into the development and, ultimately, closure of workers’ comp claims. Our staff, which includes a former state-licensed adjuster, handles hundreds of claims effectively and professionally.

We will work to:

  • Complete the first report of injury.
  • Remit the claim to the carrier.
  • Establish communication early, and remain in contact with the claimant.
  • Direct claimant to the appropriate medical facilities.
  • Ensure drug testing has been completed.
  • Closely monitor all doctor visits and results.
  • Offer light duty assignments if applicable.
  • Work with claims adjusters to ensure proper attention.
  • Monitor insurer’s claims handling and reserving practices.
  • Consult with workers’ compensation attorneys.
  • Negotiate settlements.
  • Attend workers’ compensation commission hearings.
  • Provide you with reports on open claims and advise of the anticipated close date.
  • Complete OSHA log.
  • Review for submission to the state second injury fund if applicable.
  • Address safety problem areas.

Capita can assist in the processes of policy application, audit, and renewal:

  • Complete ACORD application and submit to the broker on your behalf.
  • Submit estimated annual payroll broken down by workers’ compensation code.
  • Negotiate annual rates.
  • Verify the modified premium based on claims history.
  • Remit workers’ compensation premiums.
  • Provide data to the insurance carrier for annual workers’ compensation audit.
  • Review audit for accuracy.
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